Au pairs are Family – A Seattle Family’s Special Bond with Dutch Au Pair Jaimie Lee

Written by Host Mom Chantel:

We were so lucky to share two years with Jaimie Lee! She came to our family when we were desperate for help; our 6 year old, Theo, was struggling in school, had a new ADHD diagnosis and routine, and we were figuring out the newborn thing all over again with our four month old. Jaimie quickly became an integral part of our family and our children immediately took to her. She brought loving structure and a trust circle to Theo; having the added time at home (instead of daycare) made a huge difference in his behaviors and friendships. I know that he is a happier kid because she’s been on his team. Jaimie also saw our baby, Bernie, through infancy and so many amazing milestones, from rolling over to walking to talking. One of Bernie’s first words was actually “Ami”- a nickname he’s given her and now our whole family (and most of her circle) has adopted. She and the boys share such a special bond, one that I know they will cherish for life.

As far the adults in our household, Jaimie has been a remarkable friend. Not only have we been so relieved to have a trustworthy caregiver, but we’ve had the pleasure to share laughs and so many good times with her. I, Chantel, especially, have loved having her to cook with, shop with and, let’s be honest, run the most mundane of errands with (completely willingly, of course! Just so we could sing in the car and chat about random life events).

Jaimie was also instrumental in helping me select our next au pair, Lele, and they became fast friends. We have a tradition in our family to buy a ring from a wonderful artist in Pike’s Place Market for all that travel to visit us here in Seattle. Most of our family members now have matching rings. When Lele, our new au pair, arrived, we continued the tradition. In fact, because Lele and Jaimie both had the ring on, Theo asked for one too, so he could match them.

Thursday, 7 February 2019 3:19 PM


  1. Jopie van den Bergh says:

    Thank you for this beautiful story. And Yes now she is back with us in Holland and surely miss all of you. Her gran was my biggest friend and we also care about her lots. Thank you . Jopie

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