Seattlewide Scavenger Hunt

Date: THIS SATURDAY, July 8th
Time: Arrive at 9am; Ends at 1pm

Starting Place: Victor Steinbrueck Park next to Pike Place Market, 2001 Western Avenue, Seattle 98121

Finish Line: Broad Street Green at Seattle Center next to the Space Needle; your hunt guide will tell you where to meet the group


Please look for me to note compliance about your working hours, pay, and class progress. I will also be there to answer any questions. We will provide a small snack, coffee, and a booklet before the Hunt begins.

How to get there: Bus, uber, Lyft, carpool (share cost for the gas and parking and give extra time for parking)

Day of event: Au pairs gather in groups of 4. Please self organize if you want to do the hunt with friends. If you want to be in a group with au pairs from other areas that is ok just please be sure to find your group early so we can start on time.

The Scavenger Hunt will start at 10 am and you will have 2 hours from the start to complete the scavenger hunt. You will need to follow the instructions and either collect items, take pictures or answer questions. Please make sure to be back on time otherwise you might lose points or get disqualified. Prizes will go to top finishers after points are tallied.
Please bring a water bottle and phone or camera for pictures. Comfortable shoes recommended as you will do a lot of walking! Get ready for fun!

Wednesday, 5 July 2017 11:24 PM


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