Information about Dental Coverage

Unfortunately, au pairs with Basic Health Insurance do not currently qualify for treatment coverage in the United States. This fact should have been made clear before an au pair’s departure in the event immediate dental care was anticipated.

Au pairs with extended insurance DO have a $200 benefit towards “non-accidental treatment to relieve pain” (on p2 of the health insurance fact sheet):

Here is a list of the Seattle & King County Public Health Centers, including those that offer dental service:

One local doctor is known to provide discounted treatment to au pairs. Please inform the scheduler of your program participation when making an appointment.

Anna Lisin, DDS

Lake Sammamish Family Dentistry

5712 East Lake Sammamish Pkwy SE #108  Issaquah, WA 98029

(425) 392-3900

The clinic at the University of Washington is another option closer to Seattle. KEEP IN MIND dental students are doing the work on the patients but they are closely overseen by faculty with a ton of experience. If they do an exam and it is more complicated, the clinic would help find a specialist student or faculty who could manage the case.

The website is:

Please always CALL IN ADVANCE to ensure services are still being offered as publicly funded programs are subject to funding shortages and may be canceled.

(List compiled by Seattle area LCCs, Spring 2013)

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