Au pair Arrival “To Do” List

To do list when you arrive to your family:

  • Get a social security card as soon as you can. The nearest Social Security offices are in Burien at: 151 SW 156th Street and in Downtown Seattle at : 915 Second Avenue. To obtain a SS # you will need to bring with you: Your passport, DS-2019 form and Social Security letter (which you will find in your account at
  • Open a bank account. Bring your passport, DS-2019 form and social security card with you to the bank.
  • Start studying for the driver’s license test by picking up a  manual from a local Department of Motor Vehicle office or downloading it from can practice the written test online at  You will first need to pass the written test before you can take the driving test.  You should get your license within 60 days of entering the United States. Bring with you: Passport, DS-2019 form, international and home license, letter of participation from your account, Aetna Insurance card and social security number.
  • Schedule your driving test in advance.  If you don’t pass it the first time, you can go back a week later to take it again.  It is important that you bring your glasses if you have to wear them while driving, as an eye test will also be performed.
  • Get a Washington State Identification Card if you don’t plan to driveYou can get this at the Department of Licensing, and you will need to bring the same paperwork as for a Driver’s License.  Be sure to allow plenty of time when you go, as you may have to wait in line.
  • Learn about our local bus system, Metro Transit. Refer to the handout I gave you when you arrived for basic information about riding the bus, finding schedules, fares, etc.   To find out which bus to take,  click on the link to the right and then click on “Regional Trip Planner.”
  • Start looking into classes you may like to take.   Take a look at the links on the right side of this web page for educational opportunities. Keep in mind that the school you are attending must be accredited.  You must take a minimum of 72 hours of class time.
  • Au Pair monthly meetings are mandatory, so please plan ahead for rides.
  • Last but not least: Go out, make friends and have fun. Refer to the au pair list I sent you. Just by going to the local Starbucks you will meet other au pairs from everywhere. When dropping off kids at school or other activities, at parks, on the bus, etc you will run into other au pairs. Don’t be afraid to approach them.  Making friends is an important part of your experience and a great way to learn more about fun things to do in Seattle!

(2013 text provided by LCC Kathleen Lonergan)

Thursday, 20 December 2012 12:29 AM


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